I am pleased to annouce that I have been asked back to teach another workshop at the Connecticut Media Photography Institue. This workshop is a 2 day intensive lighting workshop that will take place April 16-17, 2010 on the campus of Tunix Community College in Farmington, Connecticut.

As was the case with previsous workshops at the Connecicut Media Institue for Photography other workshops will be going on at he same time so it is a great opportunity to interact with many other talented photographers and instructors. For more information about the workshop please click on the link shown below.

Ct Media Photography Workshop

I am pleased to annouce the I will be teaching a week long workshop this summer at the newly formed Connecticut Media Photography Institue. The workshop takes place July 5th- July 11 on the newly renovated campus of Tunxix Community College in Farmington, Connecitcut.

The worrkshop will focus on how to make stronger more dynamic images, whether you are in the studio or on location. With funding and support from companies like Nikon, Pocket Wizard, Mac, ProFoto and more it is sure to be a great week of shooting for all.

Other photography workshops will be going on this same week taught by some of the most repected names in the industry and particpants will have the opportunity to also particpate in those as well for no additional cost.